Can Technology Transform Education Before It’s Too Late?

Prerna Gupta writing for TechCrunch:

As technology continues its march toward the Singularity, transforming the way we work, socialize and play at an increasing rate, there is one very important aspect of American society that lags behind: education.

I would agree to Prerna to a point. Education has been slower in adopting technology than mainstream society, but the reasons for this lie mostly in how much society is willing to deal with the cost of these changes. The government’s and also the public’s willingness to spend tax dollars on technology upgrades in the classroom is at an all time low. Also, who is going to spend the money to retrain teachers on how to use these new tools? The article makes it sound like teachers are to blame for not being willing to use these tools, but I think most teacher’s are willing to change their approach to teaching in order to help their students learn.

Classrooms using the iPads have seen gains of 50-60% in reading, math and science performance.

Really? Compared to what? Where are the studies supporting these claims? How are these gains measured?


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