Slow Learning

I came across this news report from the Faculty of Arts and Science at Harvard in which they discuss the future of education in light of the technological changes that are happening at breakneck speed. While the conversation was centred around the growing need to embrace technology in the educational process, this passage stuck out for me:

Patil argued for “slow academics,” an approach to learning that teaches students the painstaking process of knowledge creation, from data gathering through analysis and conclusion. He said that, in the future, the FAS would need to build spaces for “slow, detail-oriented learning” into an increasingly fast-paced, goal-driven campus

I admit that I am one of those that gets caught up in the need for the latest information. I think that what Patil is saying is that instead of a push for immediate results, we need to learn to dig deeper and embrace the knowledge creation process. This is especially important when helping students who are still learning how to become critical thinkers.

What are your thoughts?


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