The Times 100: An Excellent Business English Resource

Screen Shot 2014-08-15 at 3.16.32 PM

The Times 100 is a fantastic resource for anyone teaching business English. While a lot of the material is for more advanced learners, quite a bit of it could easily be adapted for intermediate level learners.

The focus is on business case studies. Categorized by topic, each case study focuses on one aspect of business such as communication, morale, ethics, and so on. Within the teaching resources, there are PowerPoint presentations, word searches, crossword puzzles, readings, listenings, and more. All of the case studies are centred around a UK or international business and uses authentic material to support its case. Unbelievably, all of this is free to use and is constantly updated.

For anyone teaching business English, this is a solid resource.

Have you used The Times 100 in your business English class? How did it work out? Did you have to adapt the material?


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