Free Text Host: Create A Simple Text Page Without Registration

Screen Shot 2014-08-15 at 3.24.25 PM

Free Text Host is an anonymous text hosting service that doesn’t require any registration or fee to use. Just enter or paste your text (up to 50,000 characters) into the box, type in the verification code, and click on “Host my text” and your text is made into an unsearchable, simple webpage. There are also options including having an admin or viewing password, a view or day limit, and the ability to add preformatted text, BBcode, or clickable links. You need to enter an admin password if you would like to edit the text later. The latest addition is on the page that is created. In the top right corner, you can have a QR code displayed. There is also a view count indicator at the bottom of the text and a Facebook Like button at the top of the text.

I think this could be useful in so many ways in the English language classroom. You could post a text for students to view and could even set a day limit to put a little pressure on them to view it quickly. Students could send in homework via a URL pasted to the class blog. Students could also use it as a collaborative document using the admin password to edit the text.

Any ideas that come to mind for you?


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