Zeemaps: Build Your Own Interactive Maps

Screen Shot 2014-08-15 at 3.31.57 PM

Zeemaps is a service that allows users to add markers with pictures, video, text, and more to a map (the service uses Google Maps, but isn’t affiliated with Google). You can make as many maps as you want. Once you are done creating a map, you can embed it in your website or email it to someone. You can even make a wiki map for collaborating on ideas.

I have used Zeemaps a number of times in my English class to build maps based on a theme such as environmental holidays. Students add accommodation options, restaurants, sites to visit, and anything else that applies to the situation. I then have them post or email me the link and I open the maps on the interactive whiteboard. Students then present their maps to their classmates and then I have the students comment on or add to the maps after they present.

The reason I like this so much is that it doesn’t require any registration or personal information and is completely free. Students have really enjoyed it.

Have you used an interactive map in your classroom? How did you use it?


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