Alberta Learning Information Services: Mountains of material

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The Alberta Learning Information Service (ALIS) is a website designed to give assistance to people wanting to find job or career advice. Since it is entirely funded and run by the Alberta provincial government, the advice is targeted at people wanting to work in Alberta, but a majority of the material is useful for anyone. This website is loaded with documents, videos, and electronic databases that would be very helpful for the ESL classroom. I decided to isolate a few of them here to showcase what could be possible for teaching English.

Publications: You can search for documents for download by name or by category. For lower level students, try “low literacy” as the audience or “easy reading” as a category. There are a few documents that are specific to Alberta labour laws, but some that are fantastic as workbooks in any location.

There are also a number of publications not meant for lower language skills, but are still within the understanding of higher level students, especially those in business English classes.

There are also a number of ‘Tip Sheets‘ that can’t be downloaded, but are viewable online.

There are also a few PowerPoint presentations that go together with the publications.

What could be the best material is the video section. Here there are 214 short videos that each introduce a different occupation. These are fantastic! You can combine these with the Easy Reading Job Profiles listed above to help teach vocabulary and encourage discussion in the classroom.

There is much more here, but it would take too much time to go through it all. One last thing that may be of interest is the CAREERinsite interactive section (registration required). I haven’t had the time to do it yet, but it looks quite good.

Have you used any of this material before? Where do you see it fitting in your curriculum?


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