ePortfolios and Summative Assessment

In response to this news article on using eportfolios as an assessment tool:

To me, the problem isn’t the eportfolio or the use of it as an assessment tool, it is the fact that there doesn’t appear to be any teacher training in regards to how to use it properly. I’m not sure who is to blame here, but it does seem that the teachers have reasonable concerns that need addressing through proper training and coaching. If the district is asking them to use eportfolios without demonstrating the way to use them properly, then the teachers have a legitimate complaint.

Assessment is a continual process in which the student and the instructor work together to develop learning goals and then find ways of achieving those with the guidance of the teacher and peers. This process would easily weed out those that are copying other work and would help teachers properly assess and help students to move forward without ‘giving out low grades’. Assess, coach or mentor, demonstrate, re-assess, and so on. The eportfolio should be used to encourage the student by showing them where they started from and where they are now.

Here is a good introductory article to eportfolios: Effective Practice with ePortfolios


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