Using collaborative writing tools to promote peer-review in ELT

In my session on Saturday at the BC TEAL conference, I talked about using online tools such as TitanPad in my classroom to do peer-review and peer-assessment. Here is a quote from Ricky Lam in the article A Peer-Review Training Workshop: Coaching Students to Give and Evaluate Peer Feedback:

Often teachers may feel that there is insufficient time for students to comment on one another’s drafts in class, despite the numerous advantages peer review could render to students. Given that class time for teachers to deliver writing instruction is limited, teachers may consider extending peer review training or practice outside the classroom or even off campus through Web 2.0 applications to help students give and receive peer feedback on line.

I have found that the use of collaborative document editing in the ELT classroom has improved the level of feedback that students have given their peers, partially due to the time they can put into it on their own. I give students time outside of class to work on their comments and the author of the document can then address those things without time constraints in the classroom.

It is worth reading this article for the ideas on using peer-review in the ELT classroom. There are lots of good ideas about preparing students for participating in peer-commenting and assessment.


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