18 Registration Free Online PDF Tools

Even with the movement to online content, printed pages are still needed for certain things within the classroom. One of the most common ways of sharing and storing documents online is through PDF. The nice thing about PDFs is the ability to maintain formatting from computer to computer. Being able to manipulate or create a PDF without having to install or purchase Adobe Acrobat is one of the most requested features for teachers. Being able to do this online for free without giving away any personal information is even better. Here are 18 online PDF tools that do not need registration or email:


PDFescape : The most comprehensive of all the free online PDF tools. Create, read, and edit PDF documents. Create and fill in PDF forms all within your browser without needing to register. Some of the more noteable tools including the ability to insert and remove pages from a PDF document, annotate and markup a PDF, as well as creating fillable forms.


FoxyUtils : There are four simple, yet effective, tools: split a PDF (remove a range of pages), merge PDFs (combine 2 or more PDFs into one document), unlock a PDF (in case you forget the password), protect a PDF (add a password and restrict usage).


PDFAmigo : Create PDF forms with a number of options and ways to customize the look of the page. Collect data via email.


PDF Newspaper : Enter a webpage with an RSS feed and convert the last five posts into a nice looking PDF newspaper.


PDF to Word Online Converter : Upload a PDF and the site will convert it into a Word document without needing to install anything or provide and personal data.


PrintWhatYouLike : Enter a webpage URL on this website or use their bookmarklet and the site will grab the information from the website allowing you to remove what you don’t want before making it into a PDF to download and print.


Online PDF Tools : Has a set of eight PDF tools including converting, merging, rotating, and unlocking PDFs. Some of the unique functions include creating a PDF flipbook and converting Instagram and Facebook photos to PDF (those two functions require your passwords). h/t to @deewaker72


2ePub Converter : Converts 14 different types of documents, including PDFs, into one of four different ebook files. h/t to @NMHS_Principal


Capture Webpage : Create an image or PDF from a webpage. If you select one of the image files, it will create one long image of the site instead of splitting into seperate files or only what can be viewed on the screen. Great way of capturing an entire page.


Sejda : A number of advanced split and merge functions as well as encrypting and rotating PDFs. h/t to @makeuseof


Witwall Tech : A super simply way of cropping a PDF online. Upload your own image or find one online. Create a preview, drag over the area you want to keep, and crop. Automatically downloads a cropped version.


I Love PDF : Extract, split, or merge PDFs quickly and easily. Even stores the finished files online for up to 1 hour.


PDF Extractor : Extract images, fonts, and text from a PDF. Upload your own file or find one online.


Neevia Online : Compress large PDFs, merge, or resize files. It also has a number of advanced options. h/t to @claganach


Print Friendly & PDF : This is one of the easiest and nicest ways of creating a clean PDF document of a webpage for printing. Select sections to delete and keep or remove images. Use the simple bookmarklet to access from any webpage. See my screencast on how to use PrintFriendly here


Joliprint : Create a newspaper-style PDF from a webpage. Download the file or upload to Facebook, Twitter, or Google Drive (needs password access to upload to those three sites).


Sciweavers : This is a series of online web applications inlcuding a number for PDFs. Merge, split, print, and extract images from PDFs.


PDFSplit : Split and extract pages from PDFs.

I hope that helps you. Let me know if there are any tools that you think should be added to the list. Mention it in the comment box below,  send me tweet at @nathanghall, or email me using the contact form here. Thanks!


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