PicoSong – Simple online audio host with commenting

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Yesterday, I wrote about using audio feedback for writing assignments and I mentioned an online audio host called PicoSong. I am constantly on the hunt for online web tools that don’t need registration for students. PicoSong is one of those sites that I came across in my search and I have found it to be quite a nice site for sharing and commenting on audio files. Here is how it works:

  1. Go to PicoSong.com and click on the ‘Browse’ button.
  2. Select an MP3 file from your computer and click on “Open”.
  3. Click on the “Click here to Upload!” button and it will take you to the next screen once it has finished uploading.
  4. This next step is completely optional. In the next screen you can add the Title, Artist, Album, Year, Track, and Genre. If you decide to do this, then click on the “Save and take me to my short url!” button. If you decide to bypass this step, just click on the link that says, “No thanks, I just want my short URL”.
  5. You are now given two different URLs. The top link is the public link you can give your students, the link in the orange box is for you to keep if you would like to edit the information on the file later on.
  6. When you go to the public link, the audio begins playing in the embedded player. You can play/pause, stop, and adjust volume using the controls on the player. You can even skip ahead by clicking anywhere in the playing indicator. Below the player is the track information, thumbs up/down buttons, and a comment box.
  7. If you want to add a comment, you can click in the comment box and begin writing. After writing, click on the “Post as” button which brings up a login box. For students, I would suggest putting in a fake email address and only their first name before clicking on “Post comment”.
  8. There is an RSS feed link at the bottom of the page if you would like to follow the comments without giving your email address.
What other ways could you use this in the classroom? Add your thoughts in the comment section below, tweet me at @nathanhall, or email me through the contact page on this website.

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