To the invisible ones… Thank you


To the person who answers the phone at my school each and every day with a pleasant “Hello” and deals with each person with respect: Thank you.

To the person who comes in every night to clean and puts everything back in order after we have left it in disarray: Thank you.

To the school administrators who have to do all of the paperwork and deal with problem the arise: Thank you.

To the accountants who makes sure all of the school finances are in order so that I can get paid: Thank you.

To the IT staff who fight endlessly with the computers to make sure that they are working and that we have internet access: Thank you.

To the building maintenance staff who make sure the AC or heating is doing what it should and that the photocopier is working properly: Thank you.

To my fellow teachers who put up with my bad jokes and messy desk: Thank you.

Without each of these people in our schools, how would we ever get our job done? Would I then have to answer the phones, sweep and mop my classroom floors, deal with the reams of paperwork, balance the books, make sure the computers are working, and deal with cranky heating systems? How would I ever get prepared for class? These are the unsung heroes.

There are plenty of awards for teachers with possibilities of becoming somewhat of a minor celebrity on occasion. But when was the last time a school custodian was able to meet the President of the United States? When are the school IT award banquets? Yet, without them, we are in deep trouble. They do their job so we can do ours. That award you won last year? Part of it goes out to the people listed above. So I think they deserve a pat on the back, a box of chocolates, or simply a hug and thank you for a job well done.


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