szoter: A free online image annotation tool

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There are a number of annotation tools online and I have a reviewed a few in the past, but szoter is a bit different. Instead of marking up a webpage, it allows users to add notes and sketches to an image and then share or download for free without registration. Here is how it works:

  1. Go to szoter and click on ‘Launch the szoter online’. You also have the option of downloading a desktop version which works the same as the web version.
  2. A dialog box will come up asking whether you want to load an image, capture a webcam image, take a screenshot, or load an image from a web address (URL).
    • If you click on ‘Load an image’, a browser window will pop-up and you can locate the file from your computer.
    • If you click on ‘Capture camera image’, a settings box will pop-up. Click on ‘Allow’ to turn on your webcam. Click on the icon of the webcam to start a 3 second countdown and it will snap a picture of you using your webcam.
    • If you select ‘Make screenshot’, a dialog box appears asking you if it is okay to launch a Java application. Click on ‘Launch helper’ to start the process. Click on ‘Run’ or ‘Allow to start the 5 second countdown before it takes the screenshot.
    • If you select ‘Load from URL’, a dialog box appears where you can paste or type in a web address of an image. Click on ‘load’ to bring up the image.
  3. Once the image is loaded, you can use the toolbar on the left-hand side to draw, type in text, resize or use the select tool. On the right-hand side, you can select colours or move object layers forward or backward on the image pallet. Double-clicking an object on the pallet will bring up resize, flip and crop tools. Along the top are the image load or create tools along with ‘Save to file’ or ‘Publish and share’. Choosing the latter will give you a URL you can share with others or embed in a website.
  4. When a person goes to the URL, the image is displayed along with a button near the top-left of the image. Clicking on the button takes the person to the edit mode screen.

Students can use this to comment on and share images, screenshots, and webpages. This would be great for a collaborative assignment where students can share and comment on other students’ work. It is simple to use and doesn’t require any registration making it useful for any group.

Have you used something like this in your classroom? How has it worked for you? Where could you see it being used? Feel free to add a comment below, send me a Tweet at @nathanghall, or email me using the contact form on this website. Thanks!


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