Bounce: A simple way to add notes to a website or image

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In the past month, I have reviewed an assortment of online annotation tools. I came across Bounce a while back and was intrigued at the simplicity of it. Zurb is team of design specialists who help companies develop websites. They have created a number of slick online tools including Reel and Bounce. Bounce is a simple way of capturing a screenshot of a website or uploading an image and adding notes to the image. This annotated image can then be shared and others can also add their comments as well. Here is how it works:

  1. Go to Bounce and type or paste in a URL into the address box and click on ‘Grab Screenshot’. Alternatively, you can click on ‘upload an image’, click on ‘Choose file’, and select an image from your computer before clicking on ‘Upload image’.
  2. If you selected to grab a screenshot, a nice little red ball will bounce on the screen before the screenshot it displayed. Once the image is on the screen, you will be asked to give your name. Type in your name or something that others will recognize as you and click ‘OK’. Click-and-drag your mouse over the area you want to select and a red box with a number and an ‘X’ will appear around the selected area. A comment box will appear below the box where you can type in a comment. Click ‘OK’ once you are done commenting on that section.
  3. Continue choosing areas to comment on and when you are finished, click on the ‘Save’ button on the top-left portion of the screen. A URL will appear along with Twitter and Facebook share buttons. You can copy the URL and share this with everyone in the group.
  4. Once a person goes to this address, blue boxes will appear over the areas you previously selected. Hover you mouse over the box and the comment will appear below it. If someone else wishes to comment, they can simply click-and-drag over another area and add their comment. If you add any additional comments, click on the ‘Save button’ and a new URL will appear. You can still use the old URL, but the new comments will not appear on that page. The new URL will display all the comments added along with the old notes as well.
  5. An additional option is to add a title to the page. You can click on ‘Click to title…’ on the top-right of the page and you can then type in a title.
  6. If someone wants to go to the actual webpage, click on the URL just above the title.

This is an ideal tool for group work. Since students can use the site without registration, it makes it perfect for the classroom. Also, the simplicity of it makes it great for all levels.

Here is a simplified, printable version of these instructions. Please share it with others: Bounce App

How would you use it in your classroom? Feel free to add your comments below, send me a Tweet at @nathanghall, or email me using the contact form on this webpage. Thank!



2 thoughts on “Bounce: A simple way to add notes to a website or image

  1. Thanks, I just tried this out. It is so easy to use! Now thinking of ways I might use it to introduce students to different elements of a web page or their blog.

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