Survey: Webinar or not to webinar, that is the question


Photo courtesy of banjo ari. Used by permission.

For a while now, I have been considering doing a free webinar on using technology in the classroom. I am not a paid expert nor do I feel I have all of the answers, but I would like to share whatever experience I have with my fellow educators. After all of the things I have learned from others throughout the years, I feel it is time I give back a little. I was thinking about doing a short 10-20 minute session covering some basic techniques and tools that could be used in a variety of situations. I would be open to going longer if people were interested, but since this is the first time doing this, I think it is probably best to keep it short. I would hate to bore people to death or confuse people with too much information. I also respect your time and realize that you might not have that much time to give.

Knowing all of that, would you be even a little interested in attending? This isn’t a time to register so feel free to say yes but drop out if I actually go through with this. I don’t have a date or time yet, so feel free to add your suggestions.

Add your thoughts, comments, and even criticisms below. Thank you in advance.


3 thoughts on “Survey: Webinar or not to webinar, that is the question

  1. Please, please, please do a webinar. I love your ideas, but am technologically challenged. I would be so appreciative! 🙂 Thanks for sharing so much!

  2. Thank you so much for the comment, Anne. I will definitely do a webinar shortly. I am just working out some details.

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