Why I blog


Back in January, I made a resolution that I would try to connect with teaching professionals through Twitter and my blog. I have used Facebook for a few years now for my personal connections, but I felt I needed a professional outlet where I could share and learn along with other teachers on a variety of topics. I doubted that I had anything valuable to share since there are so many great people out in cyberland who are better and more knowledgeable than me.

I took some time to ‘lurk’ on Twitter before deciding to dip my toe in the water in January. Since then, I have been able to participate in Twitter chats, discussions, and even shared a picture or two. I can’t believe that I have shared over 3500 Tweets in that time and written 93 blog posts. My blog has been a work in progress as I felt out what I wanted to share in more detail. My blog has turned into more of an education technology site where I share webtools and ideas on how to use them in the classroom. This is not unusual since there are so many other great sites out there that do a better job than I do. My focus is on giving new users the assistance they need to use the tools in their classroom by giving step-by-step instructions, called tech recipes, that they can even print out and give to their students or post in the staff room. I don’t pretend to be an expert in anything, but I do want to share what I do know with those that are more proficient in other areas.

There are two things that I am trying to communicate here. I am not in competition with other bloggers who are so much better at sharing what they know, and I do not pretend to be a ‘digital guru’ or ‘tech expert’. I am just a normal guy who hopes that he can give back a little to those who are able to give so much. I appreciate my online colleagues and the valuable information and support each one of you give to me each day. You have no idea how encouraging it is to me to get a Tweet or comment from you. I just hope I can return the favour.

Thank you.


6 thoughts on “Why I blog

  1. Hi NathanYour blog contains a lot of informative and practical information set out very clearly, which makes it easy to follow and digest. I love the idea of "tech recipes".Thanks for all the work you do in highlighting tools that you are discovering and using!

  2. All bloggers DO know how much a comment or a tweet is appreciated. It doesn’t matter how long you have been blogging, you put yourself out there when you blog!Your blog is interesting and your comments always are too. You began something good – continue!Naomi (@naomishema)

  3. Thank you so much, Naomi. I do appreciate the comments. It makes me think that people actually read what I write. I am glad to have connected with you on Twitter.

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