ExtractPDF: Extract images, text, and fonts from a PDF for free

Screen Shot 2014-08-21 at 10.59.21 PM

Have you ever been in a situation where you have wanted to extract the images or text from a PDF file but you don’t have Acrobat? Here is a free online tool that doesn’t need registration.


  1. Go to ExtractPDF, click on ‘Choose File’ to upload a file from your computer (max 10MB) or enter a URL from an online PDF file and click on ‘Send File’.
  2. A box with tabs will appear. The tab that is open is the image tab displaying all of the images that are in the PDF. These images are the original files, even if there has been masking applied in the PDF. Click on ‘Download all images as zip file’ to download to your computer. You will need to open the compressed file folder with your computer software. Inside the file folder will be all of your images in their original format.
  3. On the website, click on the ‘Text’ tab to see all of the text from the file and click on ‘Download result as file’ to download the text file for editing with your word processor.
  4. Click on the ‘Fonts’ tab to see a list of the fonts. Click on the ‘Download all fonts as zip file’ to download to your computer. You probably will not be able to use the fonts properly, so it is  advisable to use the name of the font to help you locate the rightful owner of the font and obtain it through that means instead.
  5. The last tab, ‘Metadata’, just supplies the information about what program created the PDF, when it was created, as well as other information.

This is a really handy tool if you would like to either extract just the text for editing before printing, or you can use it to extract images that you can’t find through other means. It is still advisable to find the legal owner of the images. A handy tool to help you with that is TinEye which will locate other places that are using the image you find.

If you have any comments, please share them in the comment section below, send me tweet at @nathanghall, or email me using the contact page on this website. Thank you!


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