Mp3Cut: A simple registration-free online audio editor


Over the years, I have used a number of different types of audio tools. One of the most commonly used tools out there is Audacity due to its ability to record and edit audio without needing to spend a dime. The problem is that it is cumbersome and also needs to be installed. I have started to use online tools that can do simple recording and editing. One such editing tool that doesn’t need registration is mp3cut. Here is how it works:

  1. Go to and click on ‘Open File’ to upload an audio or video file from your computer. You could also choose to edit an online file by clicking on ‘or specify link’. If you choose a YouTube file, it will extract the audio for editing.
  2. After the file has finished uploading to their server, an editing window is open with the wave file loaded in the centre. Move the bottom two blue sliders to set the start and the end of the audio. As you move, it will automatically start playing the audio to hear the section you have selected. You can also click on the big green play button on the left side as well. You can also set to fade in or out using the fade buttons on the top of the wave file viewer.
  3. Once you are done, you can click on ‘Cut’ to create an MP3 file for you to download. You can also choose other audio file formats by clicking on the ‘iPhone ringtone button’ or the ‘More’ menu.
  4. Once you have selected ‘Cut’ it takes you to a ‘Download’ button which will start the download to your computer. If you would like to share the downloadable file with others, copy the text just below the ‘Download’ button and add it to the end of the address.
This is a great tool if you would like to edit a recording for class or for students to edit their own recordings for their eportfolio. The fact that it also converts audio files while also offering editing makes it a great online tool.

Have you used an online audio editor before? How well did it work for you? What did you use? Let me know in the comment section below, by sending me a Tweet at @nathanghall, or email me using the contact form on this website. Thanks! 


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