Roohit: Highlight and curate online text without registration


Over the past few months, I have written about a number of online text and image annotation tools that don’t require registration. Another tool that allows users to highlight sections of a webpage to share with others is This is a site that allows users to highlight webpages and then save them on the site. The site uses cookies to collect your annotations, but there is also the option of using another login such as Gmail or Facebook to save your highlights online. You can also add tags and comments before sharing the shortened URL with others who can then respond. Since has such an extensive feature list, I will only focus on some of the annotation tools.


  1. Go to and paste or type in the web address of the page you want to highlight. The box to paste in appears at the top of the page next to the logo. Click on the blue arrow to go to the page.
    1. Alternative: Type in before the web address in your browser to go directly to the page to highlight without visiting the page.
    2. Alternative: Drag the bookmarklet to your bookmark toolbar and click on the link when you want to highlight a page you are on.
  2. Once you are taken to the page you want to highlight, click and drag your mouse over the area you would like to highlight. The section will go yellow and a URL will appear at the top of the window.
  3. Hover over the highlighted area and a blue box will appear. You can type in tags into the tag box and comments in the comment box. Click on ‘Save’ to save the comments and tags.
  4. Click on the shortened URL at the bottom of the page to copy or share to a number of social networks. You can also change the URL name to make it easier to remember. Click on ‘Save’ to save your changes.
  5. Click on ‘History’ at the bottom of the page and then click on ‘View my highlights collection’ to see all your highlighted items.

This is a really nice tool to curate information for research purposes. By keeping the annotations in a single collection, students can research items and then share what they find with others. If you have any comments to make, please share them in the comment section below,  send me a Tweet at @nathanghall, or email me using the contact page on this website. Thank you.


6 thoughts on “Roohit: Highlight and curate online text without registration

  1. Hi Nathan,This tool looked useful, I tried it but it did not work for me. What am I doing wrong? I placed the bookmarklet on the toolbar, clicked on it, dragged the mouse across the text but it did not highlight anything. Tried a lot of pages, no success. Any ideas?Baiba

  2. Baiba,I’m not sure why it isn’t working for you. Try switching browsers. It might be that the browser you are using has turned off or blocks certain elements that needs to work. The bar should appear on the bottom of the page when it is working. Also, try using the direct method instead of the bookmarklet. If that works, we know it isn’t the site.I hope that helps.

  3. Thanks for the tip, Nathan! It worked on Chrome (but didn’t on Firefox). I never suspected Firefox. I have the same security/protection for all browsers on my PC, then why one works and another doesn’t? Hmmmm…How was your morning coffee?

  4. Baiba,That is good news! Not sure why Chrome works and not Firefox. I will try it tomorrow when I am at school.Coffee was nice. Went out for an eggnog latte. Mmmm. Love Christmas coffees.

  5. Have you seen Scrible? Check it out, it’s richer than Roohit, more features, and works on Firefox too :)

  6. Baiba,I forgot about Scrible. One of the presentations I went to at our TESL Canada conference mentioned it and I played with it for a bit. I need to take a closer look at it. Thanks for the reminder!

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