Docdroid: Share and convert documents for free without registration


There are a number of ways to share documents online and there are probably just as many sites to convert documents to other formats. Then there is Docdroid. This site allows you to view and share documents online while allowing readers to download the file in other formats. All of this is completely free and without registration. Here is how it works:


  1. Go to Docdroid and click on ‘Select Files’.
  2. Choose the file or files you wish to upload.
  3. The file or files will upload and you will get a full and short link that you can send to someone else.
  4. Click on ‘View’ and you will be taken to the online document reader. You can scroll through the pages or you can click on the ‘Toggle Sidebar’ button on the top left of the screen to see the page thumbnails. You can also go directly to a page by typing in the page number.
  5. In the top-right corner, you can choose the document type you wish to download if you have uploaded a document other than a PDF. You can also click on the ‘View PDF’ button if you have uploaded a PDF to get a link to the document without the reader. This is great if you want to avoid the ads on the page.
  6. In the bottom-right corner, click on the ‘Edit’ button to set a password, get email updates about the possible deletion of your file, or delete the file. All the files on this site will be removed within 60 days of the last viewing. If you wish to keep the file active, you need to go to the page before the 60 days are up.
  7. Back on the main page, there is a ‘My Documents’ button that keeps track of your documents you have uploaded from your browser.

There are a number of uses for this in the classroom and for personal use. The fact that students can upload files and then share the link with you or others is great since it doesn’t require any registration.

Here is a short screencast on how to use Docdroid:

Feel free to add your comments or send me a tweet at @nathanghall. Thank you!


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