Yogile: Collaborative online photo albums without registration


A short while ago, a colleague of mine was asking if there was a site where she could have students post photos in an album collaboratively, move them around, and then share them. A couple of days ago, I stumbled on a site while looking for something unrelated. Yogile is a photo sharing site that has two options, one that is for unregistered users and a paid option. For the purposes of my class, the free option works fine since the only real limitations are the file sizes and the 14 day limit. If you want a permanent place to post your photos, I would recommend something else. Even still, this is a great, quick option for the classroom that has a lot of potential. Here is how it works:

  1. Go to Yogile and type in the name of your album in the ‘Album Title’ area.
  2. Click on ‘Choose Photos’ and select the photos you wish to upload. The non-Flash version (i.e. iOS devices) requires you to select one photo at a time. The regular Flash version allows you to select multiple photos.
  3. Click on ‘Start uploading’ to upload the photos to the site.
  4. You will then be shown a page with the thumbnails of the photos you just uploaded. You can view smaller thumbnails by clicking on the far left button, or you can view single photos by clicking on the button with a single black box.
  5. Click below the photo to add a description and click above the photo to change the title.
  6. Click the photo you want to view larger and you can add comments below the description.
  7. There is a way to sort the button either by date or with a custom order. Click on the button with the a, z, and arrow on it and you can click on ‘Click here to edit your custom sort order’ and then click and drag the photos around in the order you would like.
  8. You can set a password by click on the button with gears on it and adding a password. In this area, you can also change the web address (not recommended since it is public and someone may guess your URL), find the email address to add photos via email. To email photos into your page, the subject line will become the name of the photo and the message should be blank with only the photos attached.
  9. In that same area, you can choose to moderate the photos being submitted as well.
  10. Once multiple users have added photos, you will find a button with people on it where you can filter by the people who have added photos.
  11. Click on the slideshow button (looks like a movie filmstrip) and it will start to play with a black background.
  12. You can download all of the photos as an archive by clicking on the button with a down arrow.
  13. Click on the ‘Share’ button to get the embed code (small, medium, and large). You can also change other functions regarding the arrows on the slideshow and a button for people to add their own photos.
This is a great little tool that has a lot of functions for a registration-free album. Also, I haven’t seen one advertisement on the site. Add to that the fact that students can collaborate on slideshows, re-order photos for grouping ideas, and comment on the photos and this becomes a great tool for the classroom. The only real limitation that I can see is the 2 week removal.
Here is a short screencast on how to use Yogile:
 Screen Shot 2013-02-27 at 8.47.52 AM
Feel free to add your comments or send me a tweet at @nathanghall. Thank you!

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