Creating and Sharing Google Drive Templates

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This is something that I knew was possibly, but I hadn’t used until today. In my class, we make use of our university’s Google accounts quite a bit. We share documents, files, make videos, share calendars, and so on. The weird thing is, I have never made or shared a Google document template before. Want to know how? Here it is:

  1. Create a Google document that you would like to share as a template.
  2. Go to your main Drive page where you will find all of your items in a list.
  3. Check off the box next to the item or items you wish to make available as a template.
  4. Click on the ‘More’ button near the top of the page and choose ‘Submit to template gallery’.
  5. Type in a description. Make sure it is clear since this template can be used by almost anyone else with a Google Drive account. For those with a public account (ie. not a school account), your template will be available to the world. For those with a school account, it will be available to anyone else who has a school account under your domain.
  6. Choose a category (required). You may also choose another category if you would like.
  7. Select a language.
  8. Click on ‘Submit template’
  9. Once it shows up in the template, click on ‘Preview’ at the bottom of the one you have created. A new window will appear with a bar along the top and your template below. Copy the URL address in the browser.
  10. Paste this address into an email, your class website, or wherever else you students will find it.
  11. Student who click on the link will need to log in to their account and will end up in the Preview page you have just left. They can then click on the ‘Use this template’ button in the top-left of the screen and it will create a copy in their Drive account, ready to be edited.

I see this as a great way for teachers to share Google created content and for teachers and students to share document templates such as graphic organizers.

I hope that was helpful. It was for me!


4 thoughts on “Creating and Sharing Google Drive Templates

    • Actually, I just started using it today! I have used MS Office and Apple Pages templates before with teacher related material, but not in Google. I think there are options for both, but today I gave the framework for a presentation the students were working on. They are free to change it in any way that works for them, but it gives them something to start from.

  1. With a list of student emails, you can do this easily with the Doctopus script on Google. I have been using Doctopus all semester to distribute homework, assignments, and rubrics via Google Drive.

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