Printable Guides

Image courtesy of Leo Reynolds
Image courtesy of Leo Reynolds

One thing that I have been meaning to do for a while is to work on some printable, single-sheet guides on how to do certain edtech related tasks. This is something that has come out of some of my edtech sessions as respondents have wanted something they can either give to less tech-enabled staff members or to students to use in class. I am just stating this, so any feedback would be appreciated. I will continue to add to this list, so come back often.

Feel free to share these with anyone you please as long as you continue to abide by the Creative Commons licensing shown at the bottom of each page.

  • How to create a pad on Padlet without an account: Padlet
  • How to record and share a video online using Mailvu: Mailvu
  • How to create an online poll using Poll Everywhere: Poll Everywhere
  • How to create a printable version of a webpage using Print Friendly: Print Friendly
  • How to create a private group (class) in Titanpad: Group Titanpad
  • How to create a password-protected document in Titanpad: Password Titanpad
  • How to create a word cloud using Wispy: Wispy
  • How to annotate a YouTube video using videoANT: videoANT
  • How to crop a PDF online using CutePDF Online: Cute PDF
  • How to edit and save an audio file in Audacity: Audacity MP3
  • How to create an online resource library with your students using Send Ape: Send Ape
  • How to watch videos online together as a group: TogetherTube
  • How to create an instant group chat using



  1. Hey thanks for doing all this work- nice step by step instructions even a student could use. I have passed it on to my team leader. Will investigate some in more detail this week.

  2. Hi Nathanm
    I’m an ESL teacher in Toronto ….I really appreciate this blog on “How to’s” … I’ll try some of them this weekend…
    Have a great day! Barb

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