TV411: A Great Resource for Adult English Language Classes

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TV411 is a collection of resources for teaching basic adult educational skills such as reading, writing, and finances. The extensive use of video and written material combined with teacher resources make this an excellent resource for instructors working with immigrants or ESL students.

Students will enjoy the engaging videos and will learn life skills while acquiring literacy skills a well. I would recommend this as a great resource for ELT.


Progressive Writing Instruction

Here is an excellent article on teaching writing

I was especially surprised how few classrooms include a collaborative writing section. With the plethora of free technology tools at their disposal, why not? We need to encourage students to write more, allowing them to express their thoughts and feelings. As the authors of this article state:

Writing educators must find ways to teach writing every day for longer time periods, and they must focus on the writer and the writer’s words and ideas instead of only teaching and assessing form and correctness. Empowering our students as writers transforms writing instruction and reinvigorates the educational community as a whole—and in the end, the students themselves are transformed into better writers (Lacina & Block, 2012, p. 16).