4 Registration-Free Video Conferencing Sites

There are a large number of place online that you can chat with someone without needing to register. Many of these sites are not safe for use in the classroom. There are very few sites that allow for a simple, safe video chat without registering first. Here are four that don’t need registration and provide a private place to host a video conference:


ChatRide: Video chat with one other person and use text chat as well. When the person goes to the site, you are automatically connected. You can turn off the video or audio as well. It can also be used in fullscreen mode (video and text chat).


BoostCam: Video chat with one other person. Text chat is available outside of fullscreen mode. You can move the inset picture to any corner by simply clicking and dragging. The quality is lower, but that could also mean lower bandwidth as well.


Ubiqq: This is a very simple one-to-one video chat that has two small screens on the page. There does not appear to be any place to make it fullscreen or to use text chat. You can turn off the video or the audio simply by clicking on your screen to toggle through the options.

MeBeam: DO NOT USE THIS SITE! There are problems with this site. I apologize for any problems I may have caused. 

These sites could be used by students to do group work as homework, to consult with parents or other teachers, or to give a simple lesson online. I’m sure there are plenty of other reasons as well. Share your comments and thoughts by using the comment section below, by Tweeting me at @nathanghall, or by emailing me using the contact page on this website. Thanks!